Varvara's beach
When it comes to planning their summer vacation, more Bulgarians prefer to go on the Southern Black Sea coast. There are several reasons for this – there isn’t a direct highway connection between the capital Sofia to the Northern sea capital Varna; it is a bit cheaper compared to the North; it is believed that the sea here is warmer compared to the Northern, etc. So, here are the places you can explore on a day road trip from Burgas to Ahtopol...

Чети на български

Green salad with shrimps at restaurant "Zlatna ribka" in Burgas
For dining out with in Burgas, I recommend you pay a visit to a restaurant called “Zlatna ribka”. You will find in their menu different fish dishes, as well as salads. The garden is cosy and their service is quite good.

Paella with mussels and prawns at restaurant "Zlatna ribka" Burgas
The "Fig" beach

We head to Sozopol, the castle of Ravadinovo and we reach my favourite beach Smokinya (the Fig beach). Here you will find the finest sand and crystal clear water. Besides that, this beach is a home of big sand dunes, fig trees and the sea daffodil (Pancratium maritimum). I bet you will love this place.

Sea daffodil at Smokinya beach
The wooden path of Arkutino beach

Next stop is the beach of Arkutino near Primorsko. The nature of this reserve is wild and protected by law, and in order to get to the beach, you need to go through big sand dunes. Of course, there are wooden paths leading to it. Once you find yourself there, you will see why it is said to be one of the beaches with the finest sand.

Arkutino beach
Arkutino beach
Taramasalata and home made bread at restaurant "Pri Dimo" in Varvara

For a real authentic food experience in the area, I strongly recommend a restaurant in the village of Varvara, called “Pri Dimo”. They serve fresh fish and it is considered a restaurant specialised for this. You need to try their taramasalata combined with the home made bread, believe me. If you fancy something very simple but heavenly delicious, this is your place!

Fresh fish at restaurant "Pri Dimo" in Varvara
Varvara's beach

If you like going to beach bars, I recommend checking out the beach of Varvara. There is a beach bar called Wake up and they play loud music 24/7. The beach is also very nice and there are some great panoramic views.

"Wake up" beach bar, Varvara
Varvara's beach
Ahtopol port, photo credit:

The final destination of this post is the town of Ahtopol. I always think of my childhood when I hear its name because we used to go there with my parents every summer. Now it is very different, which doesn’t surprise me, but I clearly remember the lighthouse which is situated in a very picturesque position.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

So, these are just a few of the places I recommend on the Southern Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria you can explore in a day by car. Of course, there are many other places that deserve your attention as well. One of them is Ropotamo nature park and the amazing beach of Sinemorets.


  1. Ah, girl. The food and the view! I'm sold to this place.

  2. Hi Sany! :) I remembered your post from 1 ago or so from this place,this one looks magical too! :) What's more The Fig's Beach is terrific, I'd love to visit this part of Bulgaria someday, because the beach is beautiful in itself, to be honest that wooden path enchanted me, what's more, I'm more than sure that the food has to be delicious as well.
    Take care, Sany :)