Ever since I was a child, I’ve always spent my summer vacations with my parents at the Southern Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria. There are still marvellous hidden beaches and places and if you are interested to know more about them, there is hope! This spring I went north for the first time. It was both new and exciting for me. I spent an entire day sightseeing and we visited one of the most outstanding Bulgarian historical landmarks and sights of nature.

Чети на български

The comfortable beds in Levana Guest House

We stayed at "Levana" Guest House in a small village near Kavarna, called Bulgarevo. Our arrival was very late, at 2 a.m. (Kavarna is 8hours away driving from Sofia), but we were warmly welcomed by our hosts. 

The sunny garden
On the next morning, we had delicious crispy banitsa and coffee in the green and sunny garden. We were about to spend the whole day exploring and walking, so we filled our tummies before leaving the house. 

Driving through the wide Dobrudzha fields, we passed an ocean of wind generators. The day started promising.

Wind generators in Dobrudzha
Our first stop was the Shabla Lighthouse – the first lighthouse not only on the Bulgarian sea coast but also in the territory of the Black Sea and the oldest still active on the Balkans. It's in use for more than 150 years. An interesting fact is that when the 140th anniversary of the lighthouse was celebrated, a message was left on the western wall of it. It should be read in 2056 by future generations.

After that, we continued south. We made a few stops at places we would hardly reach without the help of a local guide. In our case this was Galin. He had a plan to show us as many places as he could this day and we strictly followed him. 

Photo: kashkaval-tourist.com

Next stop was Tyulenovo - a famous village for its rocky arch. The name of Tyulenovo comes from the Bulgarian word for seal “tyulen”. It’s not a coincidence as a long time ago seals inhabited it. Now there aren’t any but the name remains.   

The arch in Tyulenovo
We saw cliffs and rocks in different shapes, that characterise the whole Bulgarian Northern Black Sea shore and differentiate it from the Southern. 

Many of the places were literally at the edge of the cliffs. Some are appropriate even for camping. The first thing you see when you wake up is the endless blue in front of you. Wouldn’t be this a lifetime experience?

Cliffs and rocks meet the sea
It was a bit cloudy but still warm enough for walking around. After Tyulenovo, next stop was Kamen bryag, and the national archaeological reserve ‘Yailata’. This is a landmark of a national importance and a home of more than a hundred cave lodgings. Remains of weapons dating back to Ancient times, through the Byzantium and the First Bulgarian Empire were found here. 

Graves facing East
The fortress
Except for its rich history, "Yailata" is a home of the beautiful and protected Wild Peony

Our visit here lasted about 2 hours. We went back to Bulgarevo where we switched from cars to bikes. Our hosts took us to a very intriguing place where the mayor of Bulgarevo showed us how the local rakia is produced.

A selfie before the ride. Photo: kashkaval-tourist.com
Figs rakia
Rakia is a Bulgarian traditional brandy. It is usually made of grape and it is a very strong beverage. The rakia here though is different from the usual one – they use figs to make it. After the rakia tasting, we visited a family that cultivates tomatoes and watermelons in their backyard. 

Local production
It was already time for dinner. We couldn’t miss the sunset though so we went to one of the best beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – Bolata. We didn’t stay long here and our last stop was a cliff near Cape Kaliakra. 

Cliffs above beach Bolata
Near Cape Kaliakra
Toshko and our guide Galin
In the evening we went back to Guest House "Levana". Folk music and dances greeted us and we had the most delicious mussels soup prepared by our host Krasi. 

The fun was guaranteed
This was one of those days when you feel you not only learnt a lot and saw new things, but your eyes and soul filled with new experiences. The next day was going to be very exciting too. I was thrilled I was going to try kayaking for the first time.

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  1. Hello Stanislava
    Amazing post and place!
    Everything is so beautiful : the landscape the sea the sun!
    Thanks for sharing , great post!

  2. Hello Sany! Wow, looks so dreamy and amazing, wish I was there right now! I can imagine it was a great lifetime experience indeed, the photos just show it, love the nature and the green all aroung. You look stunning and radiant too!:) Happy weekend Sany, enjoy June! xo

    1. Dreamy is the right word for this place in May, Lilli. Thank you for your kind words.xo

  3. You've definitely convinced me that there is no shortage of fun activities one can engage in on the Bulgarian Northern Black Sea coast. Everywhere you visited looks like a picture postcard as well and a gorgeous sunset to boot. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us Sany! Happy weekend to you :)

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Rowena. The Bulgarian Northern Black Sea coast is a great place for finding adventures and doing fun things. Happy weekend to you too!:)

  4. Zdrvei Sany!

    Incredible trip. This makes me miss home so much.
    I love those rock arches, banitsa and the folklore dances.

    My family and I always used to spend summers in Sinemorec.

    Have a beautiful weekend and hope there will be more summer adventures.


    1. Здравей, Ради. I've never been in Sinemorec, but I'd love to go there this summer. Thanks for your kind words!

  5. Oh wow, looks like you had an amazing time there, Sany! The cliffs and the arch are stunning to look at but makes me nervous and paranoid about falling over.

    1. Hahaha, yes, there is a tiny risk but nothing scary:) I had a wonderful time indeed.

  6. Wow S, what a gorgeous part of the world. And so rich in ancient history too. I think that's what I love most about Europe. The intense history. I'm loving these shots of the coast, so picturesque. You're lucky to have this so close by! Jealous!


    1. Agreed! You can find both great nature and rich history in Europe. And you're right - I am lucky to have this here. Thanks for stopping by, Sonia!

  7. Много хубави снимки . Лъха очарователна самобитност от този край на България .Всичко е супер.

    1. Благодаря за хубавите думи:)

  8. Tyulenovo looks amazing; such stunning views and great photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Yes, Tyulenovo offers great views. You're welcome, Anouk!

  9. Sound like you spent amazing vacations with your beloved ones - that place looks terrific, what's more I totally agree with you - camping nearby those cliffs would be lifetime experience, the views are really picturesque! :)
    Take care, dear!

    1. Oh, thanks, Ivonne! Camping here would be a wonderful experience indeed. I should try it!

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