Key Steps To Take When Planning A Luxury Break

There are dozens of different kinds of holidaymaker, and each has their own individual preferences. For some, a basic 5-night stay at an all-inclusive hotel twice a year is enough, but others prefer longer, pricier, less frequent trips.

It’s hard to deny the appeal of both options, but for the latter, planning and execution can be tough. For a luxury break, it'll take a larger budget, and because most popular accommodation sells out quickly, a fast hand too.

However, the planning and organising stage of any holiday is part of the fun! And, if you desire a luxury, romantic break, the same is true. So, in the hopes of making the process a little more enjoyable, allow this article to take a weight off those shoulders and offer some advice.

Step One: Organise it as early as possible

For the most part, the words ‘luxury’ and ‘cheap’ don’t go well together. This in mind, the earlier that organisation of the trip begins, the more time is available to save up for it. Now, rather than paying for a pricey jaunt all in one go, things are spaced out, and it feels more like a regular monthly payment.

Even if just a small amount is put away each month, after a year, it could become thousands. That’s the break all but paid for! Alternatively, fixed-term savings accounts and ISAs can be used to multiply cash over a period of months. In short, the early bird catches the worm, and it's far better to start saving sooner.

Step Two: Homely accommodation

For some people, the phrase ‘luxury break’ is more to do with the activities and trips, and not the accommodation. But it's important to remember that a hotel is supposed to be a pseudo-home, away from home. So, assuming there’s enough time to begin planning early, it's wise to choose the accommodation that most conveys this feel.

If you’re travelling to the UK, options like serviced apartments in Marylebone or a luxury Lake District cottage are viable. US travellers have choices like the St. Regis in New York (with butlers who unpack cases for free) and the Rosewood Mansion in Dallas. This is where most of the holiday money will be blown, but that’s the point. Some of the best places to stay feel like little holidays unto themselves.

Step 3: Pack lightly or pack heavy?

This is up to you and your budget, but it’s still a key decision. Cheaper hotels may not be able to provide everything you need, but expensive ones can. This negates the need for you to pack a hair dryer, spare towels or even more clothes if there’s a laundry service.

But, paying for this stuff costs cash, so there’s a choice to make. Pack more clothes, a hair dryer and plenty of towels, or pay for these services on arrival? Depending on how big a budget is available, the answer will be clear.

And those are, in short, the most important things to consider. Most choices revolve around money, so if that isn’t a concern, then planning extensively won’t be either. But if a chunk of the budget has gone on flights and accommodation, it’s important to be careful with future decisions.

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  1. Hello Sany! Those are really good tips which I tend to follow as well, even though the getaway isnt that luxury!:P Now i just need to pack and travel!:) Many kisses Sany! xo

  2. Some really helpful tips. I think that planning a trip is exciting as you get to make key decisions and it also gives your something to look forward to. I try to be good about planning my getaway in advance but then I need a refresher when it comes time for the actual vacation LOL :D Happy hump day Sany!

  3. We have to plan most of our holidays in advance since we both are away a lot for work, packing isn't usually an issue. I prefer doing several mini holidays a year, plus one big luxury getaway, & that's what we currently do. I tend to want/need a few holidays a year, haha. That's what spontaneous weekend holidays are for. Thanks for sharing the tips.
    Summer Champs

  4. I'm so in need of a holiday, especially a luxury relaxing one! :))
    Will keep in mind these tips indeed.

  5. Amazing post, beautiful pic as well, thank you for sharing, I love this blog!!!


  6. Hello Stanislavia,
    Love this post and the grea tips you re sharing!

  7. Yes, yes, yes to organizing easily. We booked almost 8 months in advance for our Malaysia trip and saved a good bunch of money. If we book last minute it would have been extremely expensive.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Hello Sany! You gave really great advices, my dear, what about luxury vacations or getaways, it will be really wise decision to plan them in advance, BUT maybe it will sound weird, in my country many luxury getaways (6-7 days and so) aren't so much pricey, when you book them on last-minute, I did the same on last year with my fiance and we found really luxury hotel in Turkey in affordable price :) Have a lovely evening, dear!

  9. I'm in haha! ;) I can't say that I have a great experience when it comes to luxurious trips, but I always try to find the best deals. Here in Spain there are lot of options when it comes to traveling so I often end up in a really nice place without paying too much. I don't have butlers and such, but I'm not sure I would enjoy that lifestyle anyway :D So for me, the world "luxury" doesn't have to be the most expensive thing. I like what you said about planning and saving money. If you start early, you can really go anywhere. My only "problem" is that I tend to move a lot, so that means that the money I can spend on travels is usually divided on many little trips, instead of one all-inclusive vacation :)

  10. Love your post! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tips, very helpful information!

    Have a great weekend!

    Vanessa, xo!

  11. Hope that you're having lovely time, my dear Sany :)


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