One of the places I don't miss while visiting Athens is Monastiraki flea market. I don't usually buy anything there, but I like walking around it for hours. You can find one of the best gyros in town, as well as fresh seasonal fruits.

Чети на български

What I like most about this place is the authentic atmosphere.


  1. Красиво кътче!
    И свежите плодове наистина изглеждат много изкушаващо :)

  2. Flea markets are such a nice way to get a feel for the local flavor and foods when you travel. The Monastiraki flea market must be a really good one if you can explore it for hours. Just hearing you talk about gyros is making me want one now Sany ;p Gorgeous pics! Have a great week lovely!

    Our tastes in food seem to be quite similar XD I actually took all those restaurant photos on my phone. I had my camera on me but when the light is good, my iPhone works just as well.

  3. Hello Sany! Yep, it really looks so authentic and cozy! Need to remember it, must be very lovely and cool to visit. You look so adorable and pretty in ur OOTD, the perfect summery combo, make me want to travel!:) Have a good week Sany, hugs! xo

  4. Again - Athens -One of my favorite cities in Europe ..

  5. I remember visiting this area. It was so hot that day, I bought water there and the handmade sandals that they sell there.

  6. I love flea markets not for shopping but for the variety of food sold there. And now I want a gyros too. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. Authentic atmosphere. I would love to experience that myself.
    Looks lovely.

  8. Hello Stanislvia,
    What great photos!
    Thanks for the discovery of so beautiful places.
    Fantastic post.
    Really enjoyed reading.

  9. What a beautiful location! This flea market has a wonderful surroundings and I'm sure that the market itself is a great place to wonder around. Dreamy photos...they make me daydream of being there.

    You look fantastic in this all white styling....and those blue sunnies are a lovely pop of colour.

    Have a lovely day!

  10. Hello Sany! I also like places which are authentic and real - that flea market sounds like amazing spot to visit in Athens, I really like that it's situated nearby ancient ruins. What's more, good to know that you can found fresh fruits there - in my opinion fruits from similar markets are the best ones, when it comes to taste ;)

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  12. I'll keep that in my mind when I go back to Athens. I already know I would love it there and your photos really captured all the atmosphere :) I'm craving some gyros right now :D You look great in white :)

  13. Oh, Athens. I hope to see you soon.
    Thanks for sharing these photos. I so love!

  14. I love flea markets as they always have some really unique things and the yummiest food! x