Monastery of the Transfiguration of God

Preobrazhenski Monastery (The Transfiguration Monastery) is located seven kilometres north of Veliko Tarnovo. It was founded during the Second Bulgarian Empire, but after the Ottoman conquest it was plundered and burnt and destroyed afterwards. The Monastery was renovated in the 19th century. Some of the frescoes were painted by the famous Bulgarian artist Zahari Zograf.

Чети на български

During the Russo-Turkish War (1877-78) it served as a hospital. One of the most impressive decorations is the "Wheel of Life" which represents the human life cycle. The bell tower was constructed by the famous Bulgarian National Revival architect Kolyu Ficheto, and the panoramic view from it towards the Dervent gorge of the Yantra River is beautiful.

The Monastery is open for visitors, but accommodation is not available. What do you think of the place?

Monastery of the Transfiguration of God Monastery of the Transfiguration of God Reviewed by Stanislava E. on May 11, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. I've read about some Bulgarian monasteries but I forgot which ones, so I'm not sure was this one of them. This monastery is beautiful! I would love to visit it. I love places that are rich in history. They always inspire me.

    Wonderful photos dear, you look very happy there by that bell!

  2. Hello Sany! Its truly a gorgeous place, so peaceful and impressive, must be so nice to visit, almost an experience. U took wonderful photos of it and u are also very pretty in the pic at the Bell Tower. Have a good evening Sany, many kisses! xo

  3. Both the monastery itself and the it's surroundings look very tranquil and beautiful. It seems monasteries are often situated in mountains but I guess it makes sense. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Sany! That pic of you is super sweet :)

  4. I would love to be given the opportunity to travel and visit the monastery, it's breathtaking how remote it is just by looking at the third picture from the top.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. I would have liked to see the Wheel of Life! It looks like a very interesting place to visit. I like the photo where you can see it from far.

  6. Hello stanislavia,
    Wow!it s a wonderful place.
    So peaceful, so beatiful, the mountains and the ladscape infront the monastery are just so..
    can t descrivbe, I love this place.
    And vwoud love to live there.
    Thanks for the great post!

  7. I love the floral displays, and the shot of you ringing the bell is great

  8. I have not visited. Very good presentation. Thanks .

  9. Hello Sany! This place looks magical and I totally agree with you that the view from the top of monastery is divine! What's more, I really like places with rich history and from what I've read so far, this place counts to such a spots too. Thank you, Sany for showing us your beautiful country, Bulgaria has a lot destinations worth to see on live! :) Hope you're having relaxing evening, dear!

  10. Your photos always give me the severest case of wanderlust! I've never been to Bulgaria, but now I really want to - it looks like there is so much beauty to discover in your country!

  11. I would definitely love to visit it. Actually, I don't know if there's a place that I don't want to visit :D All the architecture details are so special, the place itself looks so calming and charming and I love, love seeing all those flowers together :)

  12. Stunning, actually breathtaking pictures, Sanny!

    I never have thought how you're translate the name of this monastery in English, but the story behind it is very interesting.

  13. Wow, wow, wow - what an adventure!


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