Gen. Gurko street is one of the most picturesque streets in Veliko Tarnovo. The old houses with pretty flowers in front will take you back in history to Medieval times. You will find yourself in a fairy tale. An old woman stopped me and kindly asked me if I wanted her to take photos of me on her pretty balcony. She also recommended me some restaurants, advised where not to go, and also to watch “"Tsarevgrad Turnov in Sound and Light” show tonight.

The first Bulgarian settlers on Tsarevets hill appeared in the 9th century. It began to develop rapidly afterwards. During the Second Bulgarian Empire (1187 – 1393) Tsarevets was the primary fortress, as well as an important political, economic and cultural centre in Bulgaria. On the top of the hill was the supreme administration, the patriarchate, the palace, as well as housing estates.

I took the old woman's advice into account and went back in the evening to watch the audio-visual program "Tsarevgrad Turnov in Sound and Light". The show is being operated through the whole year, and its duration is 15 to 20min. Multi colour lights and lasers illuminate the hill and the fortress, representing the dynamic history of Bulgaria - its ups and downs, its famous battles, invasions, and the exhilaration of the liberation from the Ottoman domination. I think Bulgarians should not only be proud, but grateful for having a rich history that left landmarks like this behind its back. There are so many other places to explore, which I am truly looking forward to visiting soon.


  1. Hello Sany! Oh that woman has been so kind and sweet, love her balcony too, the photo of u with it is just marvelous! What an amazing place, your photos left me speechless, the show must have been fantastic and even romantic. You made me dream!:) Happy weekend Sany, many kisses! xo

  2. Gen. Gurko street is indeed extremely picturesque and it makes me smile to know that places like this still exist. As much as I love living in a modern city, it is refreshing to see such old world charm. That old woman certainly did not steer you wrong because that light show looks spectacular. Thanks for sharing this with us! Happy weekend my dear Sany!

  3. Hello Stanislavia,
    a great post with wonderful pictures.
    And the oman is so awesome.
    thanks for sharing and taking me with you to this adventure.
    wish you a fab weekend!

  4. Oh that laser show must have been exciting to see, a mix between the old and the modern. It's definitely a beautiful place and I could very much see it as the perfect movie-set.

  5. Beautiful photos! Love the place!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. Capture the spirit of the Tarnovo. Well done.

  7. I'm glad you met that kind woman and discovered all those thing :) I felt in love with this place instantly. It's magical and those colorful houses remind a bit of Girona in Spain :)

  8. Love this post! And love the pictures.

  9. Каква прекрасна история и колко добра е тази женица :)
    Ние посетихме Перущица в началото на месеца и по някаква случайност се оказа, че е по време на празника на града. Имаше голяма програма, включително театрална постановка. Валя много проливен дъжд, но никой не мръдна от площада - бяхме като вцепенени.
    А аз - превеждах и плачех. Но не бях единствена - жените около мен си плачеха, дори актьорите по сцената бяха обляни в сълзи и дъжд.