The garden in front of the National Theater has been Sofia's youngsters' meeting spot for many years. In a warm day, you will notice the crowded benches and green areas with people drinking beer (fyi in Bulgaria it's legal to drink alcohol in public places), listening to music, and chatting to each other till late night. The alleys are seething with boys and girls riding a skateboard, longboard, bike, rollers, and all kind of extreme vehicles. If you are not a beer fan, you could enjoy a cone of ice-cream from one of the selling trucks nearby. Finding a place to sit is often a mighty challenge, especially in summer evenings. However, that's not a problem at all, since the Crystal Garden is just 5min away and you can do the same things there as well. The National Theater Garden is a bit of a mainstream place for many people, but right now it's just lovely. Every spring the green areas are planted with pretty tulips in all colours, and since they are so romantic the flowers make the garden even a more preferred place right now, I took the opportunity to show it to you.

Чети на български

Charming, isn't it?


  1. Hello Sany! Definitely, it is! If I was there, it would be one of my fave places too! And u know, love tulips, photograph them and pick them!:P Such a heavenly and romantic garden! Have a good day Sany! xo

  2. Такава красива симфония от цветове! Много красиви лалета :)

    Само да ти кажа, че съм те споменала в блога си - надявам се да ти харесва хх

  3. So chic! I like this so much.

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  4. Yes, super charming indeed! I love to see all the photos with the beautiful flowers. I was a bit stunned when reading about drinking alcohol in public but then quickly remembered that indeed in some countries it's not allowed...

  5. Gosh I can feel the charm of the National Garden Theatre just from your photos Sany! The tulips have bloomed so beautifully and there is so much amazing variety and colors too. I can definitely see why this is a popular spot right now. I wouldn't mind hanging out there myself :)

  6. Beautiful photos Sany. I am surprised that it's legal to drink alcohol in public spaces regularly there. Sounds like Vegas, haha. The garden looks charming and a great place to visit. <3
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  7. OMG, look at all those tulips! There's a sea of them and that's my idea of heaven. I adore tulips and lilies, they are my favourite flowers. One of the reason why I love your blog so much is I could feel the charm of the places just by looking at your pictures. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Hello Stanislavia,
    It s not only charming it s also wonderful, beautiful, so..
    XCan t find the words!
    You know what i love about sping?
    Ilove gardering n see the flowers and the roses grow infornt of me and when everything is green an nice , and the brids sing happy in the sky.
    So this post is just what I needed to make my day!
    wish you all the best!

  9. Hello Sany! Your photos of tulip are terrific, my dear friend, personally I also love these flowers, but I'm not sure if you can find them in such an amount here, in Wroclaw ;P What's more, it's good to know that information about drinking beer in public places in Sofia, you never know when this information will be useful ;P Sounds like you had really relaxing time in this beautiful park, my dear!

  10. Wow! All those tulips look incredible together. What a perfect spot! No wonder why the area is so popular. I would definitely go there and take million of photos :D Beautiful! :)