Situated in the southwestern Pirin Mountains near the Greece border, Melnik is the smallest Bulgarian town. Its population is 385, but the town itself is a national cultural reserve and city-museum.

Чети на български

The name comes from the Slavic "mel" which means white clay, chalk. 

Melnik has one of the prettiest and well-preserved Revival architecture, which makes it a preferred touristic spot.

Melnik is also popular for its wine production. We, of course, didn't think twice to take home a bottle of it and it was really good!

During the Bulgarian National Revival Melnik was a centre of craftsmanship, particularly church decoration and woodcarving. The town has many architectural landmarks, and one of them are the ruins of the Byzantine House, built probably in the 12th or 13th century as a Bulgarian fortress.

Melnik is situated at the foot of sand pyramids. It's believed that 4 - 5 billion years ago there was a lake and the pyramids have formed over the centuries as a result of the wind, rain and constant erosion.

Which the smallest town in your country?


  1. Всъщност... никога не съм била в Мелник и не знаех много за него. Снимките ти са прекрасни и определено ми се иска да го посетим. Докато разглеждах поста ти, веднаха бях попитана - "къде е това? много е красиво!" :))

    P.S. Получих ти имейл, но не съм имала време да отговарям. Много се зарадвах и бих искала да си избера София - скоро мислим да посетим столицата, така че ще ни е от полза такъм гайд :)

  2. I've been there. Very cozy town. The wine is dense and chewy. Great pictures .

  3. I learned something new today :) Small towns tend have their own unique charm and Melnik certainly looks to have it's in own in it's many architectural landmarks along with an interesting history. I enjoyed this tour. I have no idea what the smallest town in the US is but I know for sure it isn't NYC where I live ;p Happy weekend to you Sany!

  4. How fun, and Melnik has so much history. I love architecture, and would appreciate the ruins of the Byzantine House. Thanks so much for sharing about Melnik Stanislava. x
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  5. I actually have no idea what the smallest town in Lux is. Melnik looks very charming indeed. I like the 'coherent' architecture. Thanks for presenting this part of Bulgaria.

  6. Hello Sany! This tiny city has really rich history, dear and I'm sure that it has more historical monuments than more than one larger cities have! :) I really like the landscape and views in general from this city - it clearly see that it's located near Greece's border :) And I see Spring in your country, can't wait to feel Spring in Poland as well;P

  7. And I've learned something new :) Thank you for sharing all these Bulgarian gems. Melnik looks so cute and charming and the history behind it is just wooow! Your photos are always so beautiful and you really catch the essence of the places you visit :)