Plovdiv is the 2nd largest city in Bulgaria. Its history dates back from the 4th millennium BC. Also known as Philippopolis from ancient Greek times, the city had many names, one of which was Philibe called by the Ottomans.

Чети на български

As you can see, the city had a long and dynamic history, but the important thing is that nowadays Plovdiv is a modern city with big cultural influence in Bulgaria and the Balkans. The city was nominated and selected as Bulgarian host of European Capital of Culture in 2019.

We arrived in the city and we walked the main street, till we reached Kapana - a cute neighbourhood and home of art shops and cafés. The colourful residential houses and all hidden gems make Kapana a very special, and my personal favourite place in Plovdiv.

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  1. Morning Sany! What a beautiful city, the perfect place where having a short and pleasant getaway indeed! Looks dreamy and so are u Sany, the pic of u sat with the statue made me laugh! Happy Monday, hugs! xo

  2. What an interesting bit of history about the city, and it's diverse names. It looks like a nice, quaint little place I'd like to visit. Love the photo of you with the stature and your grey overcoat as well. x/Madison
    Star Noir

  3. Those plans are the best ;) Plovdiv is a true hidden gem which I hope to visit one day :) You can imagine how much I love this type of posts. Every photo speaks for itself and I love how you caught all the details, from beautiful architecture to those old pebbled streets. You look beautiful by the way and so stylish with that causal chic outfit :)

  4. What a great picture of you and the statue, and I love all the bunting in the streets. Are the locals celebrating something or is it like that all the time?

    1. They are celebrating the fact that Plovdiv was selected as an European Capital of Culture 2019 :)

  5. I like the look of Plovdiv as it seems to be a welcoming place! Also great to see your outfit - very nice outfit for your trip away.

  6. very nice you have earned. congratulations.

  7. What a great honor to be chosen as the Bulgarian host of European Capital of Culture in 2019. Thanks for showing us around Plovdiv Sany. It looks like a city full of many charms. The phtoo of you mimicking the statue is adorable! Have a great week!

  8. Looks like the sweetest place <3 I love the flags, looks full of colour! xx

  9. Hello Stanslavia,
    Fantastic post and wonderful pictures!
    Love yor look!
    Thank you so much for this beautifuul escape in the city!
    wish you a fab week!

  10. I love this post!! Thanks for sharing. I've just updated my Blog, you should check it out!


  11. Plovdiv is such a charming town! And you're so lucky to have it nearby so you can (practically) visit it whenever you want! It's now on my bucketlist to visit!


  12. Капанът ми е любимото кътче на Пловдив :))
    Прекрасни снимки!

  13. Е страхотна идея за това приложение, наскоро разбрах, че има доста такива полезни проложения за пътуване по целия свят, вкл. и България. Суперско! Прекрасни снимки!