Winter is not the best time to travel, but I am going to stand up against all stereotypes and give you my reasons why Sofia is attractive during the cold months.

Чети на български

1. Sofia is magical and picturesque covered with snow.
2. There are a lot of events happening. An example is all the Christmas bazaars taking place every weekend of December.
3. You can go skiing/snowboarding in Vitosha mountain, which is ~40min. away from the city centre.
4. Film festivals are also very trending, like International Short Film Festival IN THE PALACE, or the New Wave International Student Film Festival in January.
5. You can feel the real nightlife - while in summer all parties are at the seaside, during the winter clubs and bars in Sofia are crowded with young people.
6. You can visit the International Festival of Masquerade Games “Surva” in the town of Pernik which is 20 kilometres (12 miles) south-west of Sofia, taking place at the end of January or in the beginning of February every year. It represents modifications of antique rituals preserved nowadays, a part of the Bulgarian folklore tradition.

What is your thought when you first think of Sofia? Have you ever visited it? 


  1. I think you should be a tourism ambassador for Sofia Sany :) You give very compelling reasons to visit and these photos are so picturesque. The International Festival of Masquerade Games sounds really interesting.

  2. Sofia does look really beautiful. I try not to let climate impede our travel itinerary, with that being said we usually travel any time we can get off. :) I'm a huge fan of going to Independent film festivals. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. You already convinced me with only these gorgeous photos! I believe Sofia is a stunning city, wish I visited it too one day soon! And I think winter must be the perfect time as with the snow is truly magical. Plus there are lots of things to do, and of course visiting u! Kisses Sany! xo

  4. As said before, only ever been to the airport. But it is on my travel list! I will advise you when I visit one day :)

  5. Аз съм точно от тези хора, които не понасят зимата, по-скоро студа, по простата причина, че ми замръзват ръцете и краката (до синьо, поради слабо оросяване). Но въпреки това обожавам зимните картини и с удоволствие се наслаждавам на това, че все още в България може да проследим 4те сезона. Много хора не могат да се порадват на този дар от природата.

  6. It looks wonderful there! similar to Prague but way more snow! :)

  7. I like winter landscapes.

  8. I have never been in Sofia nor Bulgaria yet, but I'm sure that I'll visit your country (or even city) someday, because let's be honest, we life nearby to each other and btw, Bulgaria is very pupular country for holidays in Poland, because it's warmer and budget-friendly;) ). What's more, totally agree with you, Sofia looks magical during the winter with such an amount of snow :)

  9. When I see so beautiful picture of Sofia, not only on this post but also in other articles of yours, I m really inlve of this wonderful city.
    Sofia has not only beautiful architectures and places, but also a great history and story.
    Thank you for sharing,hope I will come and visit one day!
    Wish you a fab weekend!

  10. I've always wanted to visit Sofia and now, thanks to your blog, I want to visit it even more :) It looks absolutely magical in winter and although I'm not a huge winter fan, these photos remind me that winter is not bad at all ;)
    Enjoy the weekend!

  11. It looks like a beautiful place during the winter! I actually don't mind traveling during the winter, it's a lot more quiet.

  12. Съгласна съм с теб, че гладът става красив и фотогеничен дори в снега. Но не мога да скрия факта, че на мен ми се иска да се затопли вече. Доста неща са науредени, а ледът спира движението и нормалния ритъм на живот на много хора.