On Sunday I visited the bazaar that was taking place in Culture Beat. As you might notice, there are bazaars in Sofia happening every weekend. The highlight of this one was the hand painted glass bowls and plates, handmade jewellery, jars full with ready to bake cookies texture, new fashion designers and more natural cosmetic.

Чети на български

Елена Шемтова - Zелена

Love3souls Handmade jewellery

Bakery box

Distract Me Fashion Corner

Vintage Summer

 Soap workshop


Have a nice day ahead! 


  1. I love this a lot! Really nice.

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  2. Morning Sany! Ah, I would have enjoyed this one a lot! The vintage corner in particular caught soon my eye, but Im very interested on the jewelry pieces and the natural cosmetics, all so cool! Sofia is an amazing city indeed! Many kisses and u too have a nice day ahead! xo

  3. What I like about bazaars like this is that often there is such a variety to the types of good available. The hand painted bowls and plates are certainly eye catching and would make lovely hostess gifts. And I always enjoy seeing jewelry and food selections you come across as well.

  4. Love the hand painted items, so beautiful!


  5. Great items :)


  6. Lucky you to have such bazars around. I would love to go for a browse there, even though I´d most likely end up with way too much stuff I don't actually need.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  7. Bazars are great! Gorgeous pictures!


  8. Невероятни детайли, Сани!

  9. I would probably discover many bazaars if I get out of the house more often.
    Well, I would be more in summer in the mountains.

  10. Много интересни нещица. Определено билковият душ гул ме заинтригува :)

  11. The plates look cute. I would probably have left with some goodies from the soap shop ;)

  12. Hello Sany! This time, I must say that I'm impressed more by the natural cosmetics than by the jewlery (but let's be honest, it's eye-catching too, especially the red bracelets:)). Backing to the handmade soaps, they look really inviting, if I'll have a chance to be on this baazar, I'll buy them for sure;P Have an stressless and amusing weekend, my dear friend!


  13. Really adore how you compose every article in this website of yours sweetie!! it makes me crave for more!! ♥ ♥

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  14. I love the colourful dishes! These are very quirky and I'm a fan of anything unique. Laura www.shehearts.net xx