'Zahoulis' Souvlaki Restaurant


Although Athens is a large city and there are thousands of restaurants, I thought I could at least share with you the ones I would recommend. 'Zahoulis' is a small restaurant in Glyfada. It was recommended by a local and this was the 2nd time I ate there. The setting is cosy and neat and the food is excellent. My friend K. had zucchini and halloumi, while M. and I opted for the gyro wrap (gyro pyta) as usual. The only disadvantage here is the lack of rosé from the menu.

Чети на български

'Zahoulis' souvlaki restaurant has a positive rating on Tripadvisor and I do recommend it as a place to eat in Glyfada. The address is:
Georgiou Kondyli 7, Glyfada,
Athens 16675, Greece

'Zahoulis' Souvlaki Restaurant 'Zahoulis' Souvlaki Restaurant Reviewed by Stanislava E. on September 30, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. It looks so good Sany, definitely to go, the fried zucchini made my tummy rumbles a lot!:P Enjoy it! xo

  2. Everything looks so yummy. Looks like a nice place as well x


  3. Authentic Greek food in Greece! I'm totally drooling here! I love the fresh flavors in Greek food and i wish I could have some right now :) I would def. stop by if I'm ever in Glyfada.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. A colleague of mine told me yesterday how he went to Athens for a wedding last weekend and how fantastic it was. It really made me want to go back. And now reading your post... must be a sign!

  5. Everything look delicious and I wouldn't mind to taste all of these dishes :) Personally, I love gyro wraps too, but I have never eaten Greek version of gyro, only Turkish one, which btw is very tasty and has many flavours, I think that you'll enjoy it too :) What's more, what is rose about you mentioned in your post? Is it some kind of food or something similar? Hope you had great day, Sany!


  6. OMG that gyros looks delicious! All that food looks delicious and the interiors are delightful too. Loving this post S and would love to see more chic eats in your city/country!


  7. Харесва ми европейския контемпорари стил на това местенце. Изглежда много чисто и приветливо :)


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