Borovets Ski Resort in the Summer

Чети на български

As you probably saw from my Instagram photos, I spent the weekend in Rila mountain. Borovets is a famous winter ski destination, but I have to admit that I have never been there before. Seeing it for the first time in the summer was interesting; the weather was warm and if there weren't the houses in Alpine style all around the village, I wouldn't probably have felt that I've visited a ski resort.

I'd definitely come back one day, maybe in the winter (remember My First Snowboard Experience post? click). I think it would be very beautiful there when everything is covered with snow. Have you ever visited a ski resort in the summer? Have a nice Monday!

Borovets Ski Resort in the Summer Borovets Ski Resort in the Summer Reviewed by Stanislava E. on August 17, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. such lovely photos, you have a very good skill in photography :) x x

  2. Never been to a ski resort, neither in summer nor winter. The red houses look so cute!

  3. Mmm all those fruits look delicious! :) Beautiful place, wow!


  4. Beautiful photos!! I have never visited a ski resort in the summer! :P And, only once in the winter, it was my first time skiing! :D


  5. OOOOH, this place looks so relaxing! I hope you are enjoying every second of it! ♥



  6. The pics you posted on Instagram were just gorgeous. This looks like the perfect weekend getaway and I would imagine that it would be an even more popular destination during the winter when people can actually ski. It is interesting to see the alpine style houses not covered in snow :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. This ski resort look totally different on the summer and I see that you ate a lot of delicious fruits there ;) What's more, I hope that you're spending great time there, these apartments look great :) What about your question, I visited ski resorts on the summer and to be honest, I prefer to travel there at this time of the year (or on the Spring/ warm Fall), because I don't like cold, so you know...:P Hope you had amazing Monday, dear friend, Sany :)

  8. Hope you had amazing day, dear friend :)

  9. I bet it's really lovely during ski season there in Rila mountain. We used to go to Canadian and Swiss ski resort that we loved. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week./Madison
    The Travel Deluxe

  10. Ау как обичам пресни горски плодове :))

  11. Никога не съм ходила на ски курорт през лятото. Сигурна съм, че природата е прекрасна през всеки един сезон! България е невероятна държава, жалко, че не си ценим богатствата.


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