My First Snowboarding Experience

A couple of years ago I reacted sceptically to everyone who was telling me about snowboarding. Moreover, I used to hate the cold and my favourite season was summer. I decided to break the ice, went snowboarding for the first time and things got slightly different. I would never forget the first time I went snowboarding though. It was a painful experience, but 2 years later I am sharing some snowboarding tips for beginners.

Чети на български

Snowboarding is an extreme sport which means you are exposed to a risk of injuries. So the best way to avoid a snowboarding accident is to invest in equipment. Protectors are extremely important when you are learning because believe me falling down is something that will happen for sure. Butt, knees and wrists protectors, as well as a helmet, will save you from future headaches. Too bad I realized it 2 seasons later.

If you are impatient like me, then you have to slow down and listen carefully - snowboard learning is a slow process. It is a matter of practice and consistency. It also depends on external factors, such as difficulty of the slopes, fresh and old snow also matters. Every single day spent in the mountains though is getting you closer to success.

One of the things that bothers me the most are crowded spots. Winter resorts such as Bansko in Bulgaria are not very appropriate for beginners, so I recommend going to less busy places like Dobrinishte, 7 Rila lakes, Kartala or Vitosha.

Another thing I realized is that trying to get the most of a sport day in the mountains doesn't work for me. At the end of the day I feel tired and I loose my ability to keep balance. I am happy that there is also a half-day ski pass which is enough time for a beginner like me. More about ski resorts and prices in Bulgaria see here.

This was one of the two times I didn't fall down. Great success!

Many thanks to this amazing boy for being my snowboard teacher and for his patience 

Snowboarding in the beginning is not easy at all. There will always be something or someone trying to discourage you. The important thing is to ignore the bad influence and keep doing it. One day you'll be happy you didn't give up.

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  1. Ahah, you made me so laugh as I can recognize myself when once I tried to learn (by myself) how to snowboard! But still keeps a very fun activity and I see you did it, at the end, well done Sany! The mountain is gorgeous, a true winter fairytale! Your boy has been very sweet too!:) Happy Wed! xo

  2. Така ме впечатлиха снимките, които пусна в Инстаграм! Много е красиво в планината и малко ми липсва една такава хубава зимна приказка.
    Аз перди време много исках да се пробвам на сноуборд, но после ми мина мерака. Дано ти успееш да овладееш това изкуство :))
    Прекрасен пост!!

  3. Много, ама много красиви снимки :)) Определено нито спорта, нито мястото е за мен, но пък се наслаждавам изключително много на този пост! Радвам се, че си имала хубав уикенд!

  4. Wow I need to go there right now! This place looks amazing and I would never leave haha. I always wanted to try snowboarding looks fun (I would fall down a millions times as well :P)


  5. Oh I love snowboarding ♥

  6. Hello Sany, It seems like forever since my last blog visit. I'm in love with the snowy beauty that you have captured on your lens. I don't exactly know how snowboarding is done but I thought that skiing was already difficult. For boarders to scoff at skiers, it must be even tougher to board. I'm glad that despite your hundred times of falling, injuries and bruises everywhere, you still managed to see the beauty of it all and enjoy yourself. Powdery snow sure sounds pristine.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  7. Very exciting experience for you. Kisses.

  8. So cool!!! :D
    I tried many times snowboarding, but i definitely prefer to ski!^^
    Great photos!

  9. Beautifully captured photos. It's been over a year and a half since I've been boarding, but my sister and I used to go snowboarding every season. It takes quite a lot out of you too, but a great workout, haha. <3 xx/Madison
    February Moments

  10. Wow great experience!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  11. I'm pretty sure everyone falls when they're first learning to snowboard as it's supposed to be quite challenging. I'm really glad that despite that you were able to enjoy your experience Stanislava. Rila Mountain looks so stunning and I bet these photos probably don't even do justice to the real thing. Winter fairy tale indeed... I hope you get to go back :)

    You make me feel like a bad influence now haha ;p Yes you had mentioned wanting a 50mm lens. I hope you will get it soon.

    Rowena @ rolala loves


  13. I've always wanted to try snow boarding! I'm too afraid I'll fall over a million times though and since it doesn't really snow where I live this has been something more of a dream than a need to accomplish!


  14. Wonderful photos,
    love the design of your board!
    Have fun girl :)

  15. Absolutely WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you had fun! It is gorgeous there!

  16. Snowboarding seems like so much fun, glad you enjoyed yourself


  17. The views are so stunning! So cool that you got have a winter sports getaway! I've never had one.

  18. Your creativity and uniqueness in this post inspires me dear ♥

  19. Such a wonderful post dear! Hope you have a great Friday!

    Facebook / Bloglovin

  20. I'm so happy that you tried snowboarding, it had to be so interesting and exciting experience :) Personally, I think I would be scared of falling down :D Moreover, I really like these views, they're breathtaking, the mountains in the winter look stunning in your country! :)

  21. Хи-хи-хи, и ето, че след хиляди падания, ти успя! Изглеждаш много сладка от тук, Сани :) Така де! Всички снимки са страхотни, белият цвят ми е любим. Прекрасната природа на България...

  22. gorgeous views! I remember when I went skiing in Austria, so lovely and I also got very hot haha! xx


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