Empty and quiet streets were everything the city could offer us on 1st of January. The only people wandering around were the tourists. Just like us.   

Casa Presei Libere (The House of the Free Press)
Modern part of the city 

The Basarab Overpass - it is the widest cable stayed bridge in Europe and has a length of 1,9 km.

We had lunch at a traditional Romanian restaurant in the Old town - Restaurantul Voievodal Crama Domneasca. The setting was cosy and the food was delicious.

M. had a schnitzel and potatoes in a pot.

I opted for the Boyard’s white sauce chicken stew with mushrooms and assorted pickles salad.

A restaurant that I recommend you visit in Bucharest for an authentic experience.

Here's a list of the Romanian beers that I tried and I liked the best:
2. Silva 
3. Ciuc 
4. Golden Brau 

One of the things I noticed in Bucharest is the lack of bicyclists. Not that Sofia is the home of thousands but I remember that I was surprised to see many of them in Bologna (in this post). Useful info: 24 hours pass for 1 person for the subway costs 6 RON.


  1. Amazing photos, dear, and this traditional Romanian food looks delicious and quite similar to my, Polish cuisine :) Moreover, thanks for that list of beer's brands, it's good to know ;) And this bridge from the begginign of your post looks stunning <3 Take care, dear :)


  2. And one more thing: I don't know if you saw it, but I answered on my previous post that that place about what you asked was market square in Wroclaw, Poland :) It looks SO festive on Christmas's season, but without Christmas's market looks incredibly beautifully anyway :)

  3. Hi Sany! Empty streets and everything froze all around make the city even more picturesque and I can easily feel the cold from the photos, brr!:) The restaurant sounds very good, even though I dont eat meat I like both your choices, seems very delicious! Oh the beers, didnt know any of them but for sure if ever will visit Bucharest I have to take them in mind. You look so stylish in that pic! Many kisses and enjoy the weekend! xo

  4. Ехе продължаваш с прекрасните снимки. Много хубаво, всяко едно място си има своите красоти :)) Доста се забелязва разликата с модерната част на града, като на мен лично другата ми допада в пъти повече. Преминавам на поста за Болоня :)) Миналата година и аз бях там :)

  5. It must be cool and also a little eerie to wander the streets of the city when the streets are empty like this but I think I would love it. It's almost like having the place to yourself haha :) NYC is almost never like this even on holidays as there are many tourists here any time of the year. The only time the streets are like this is after a heavy snow storm and it always tempts me to go out for that reason. The food looks delicious and that restaurant sounded like a wonderful place to go warm up. Have a wonderful weekend Stanislava!

  6. This traditional meal looks delicious <3 You had great time I hope :) Greetings :*

  7. That first photo is absolutely stunning. In the winter it's always so picturesque, even though it may be freezing and quite quiet. Bucharest looks like an interesting and lovely place to visit. Have a great weekend Stanislava. <3
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  8. The list of beers is great. Thank you.

  9. wow, that first picture is so pretty! looks cold, though!!

  10. Such stunning photos!! :D


  11. Gorgeous blankets of snow Stanislava! I've always heard of schnitzel, but I've never seen it. Looks so delicious.

  12. Amazing photos! I love snow! Thank you for sharing!

  13. I really love the last photo! Probably because I would have taken the same shot :) When you mentioned the metro, I remembered an episode where a local man helped me buy tickets for the bus. And this brings back memories about how friendly the few people with whom I interacted were. Too bad I didn't try any Romanian beer. Something I'd have to do when I go back there.


  14. everything looks so frozen and beautiful, I love the shots of the streets covered in snow!

  15. I like to much travel, but I've never been to Bucharest. One day I want to go there, these photos really made me understand that it is a beautiful city! Have a nice day, kisses,


  16. Urban beauty! Никога не съм била в Букурещ, но града ми харесва през вашия обектив.