The Prater in Vienna

We continue my central-European-trip posts with the Vienna Prater. I wanted to show my sister everything in just 2 days, so we rushed from one place to another in order to see more things. One of the places I thought she should definitely visit, was the Wiener Riesenrad ("Viennese giant wheel").

So, we went there at sunset. The Viennese giant wheel was built in 1897. Its purpose was to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Emperor Franz Josef I, and it was one of the earliest Ferris wheels ever built.

As we were going higher, the sun was going deeper into the west...

Have you ever been on a Ferris wheel and did you like it? Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

The Prater in Vienna The Prater in Vienna Reviewed by Stanislava E. on September 05, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. I didnt know there was one there, I want to go there too now! Must be amazing, is so old and sure your sis enjoyed it a lot, she looks so nice! And what amazing photos at the sunset you took at the top, breathtaking! I went to a Ferris only in London but many and many years ago!:) Kisses Stanislava, happy weekend! xo

  2. Wow! Great shots. I love all the photos. :) I haven't tried riding a Ferris Wheel. I think it's nice to see the whole city from the top.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. I have not been on a bike in Vienna but the views are great

  4. Hello lovely! Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!

    Great post, thanks for sharing - awesome pics!

    Please check out my new outfit post if you can;


  5. I have never been there, but those places are amazing, I can see that through your photographs. Those city-views are so beautiful and eye-catching, good to be there, indeed.
    I've got to say we have such a Ferris wheel here in my city, and I had a chance to try it once. It was really exciting:)!
    Stay blessed!

  6. I have never beet at the Ferris wheel but it looks so beautiful and fun! the city in general looks really amazing, the arquitecture looks spectacular given incredible views like the pictures you shared of the sunset! Did your sister like it? Hey so guess what! I nominated you for some blogger awards in my blog! I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy visiting your blog and you deserve all these awards!
    p.s. My sign is Aries, which one is yours?



    1. Yes, I think she liked it. Thanks for nominating me, challenge accepted! :D xo

  7. I love Vienna. I have been there 3 times but I have never visited Prater.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  8. Such beautiful sights! I've been on a ferris wheel and it's both exhilarating and scary! Lol

  9. The last time I went on a ferris wheel was on Monday! I would love to go on this one in Vienna if I return to the city for a visit.

  10. Nope! Never went on the Ferris Wheel. On my most recent trip to Vienna, we spent only a few days in the city. I never had even heard about this! I know I would've been riding this alone, though... My boyfriend has a big fear of heights! Next time.


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