On the second day of our holiday, we went to Sarakiniko beach. If you haven't heard about it, you won't find it by chance...

Чети на български 

The water was crystal blue. The beach looked like a private one and there was one big advantage. There weren't many people...

Beach essentials...

On the hill above the beach, there was a nice Greek "Taverna" with a breathtaking view....

I was happy with the delicious food...

It was so exciting to see bananas just like that! They are so exotic...

This beach is one of the finest I have ever been to. If you happen to go to "Parga" some day, make sure to visit it. You won't regret! Have a good Monday everyone!


  1. Hi Stanislava! I never heard of this beach before but for sure I will keep it on mind, looks marvelous and really like it is private. The Taverna where you ate made me hungry, what a yummy food! Plus the view is breathtaking! You look GORGEOUS in bikini, are such in a great shape!:) Thanks for killing me, now I wanna pack and travel!:) Happy Monday! xo

  2. Thanks a million Stanislava! Actually, you are the first who noticed it and I really appreciated it a lot!:) <3

  3. So pretty, and you're too cute!

  4. Good week to you and you wish it to go to this beach.

  5. Wish I could teleport myself to this place now. Instead, I am sitting here at home with the flu and autumn weather outside... :(

    1. The song by Asaf Avidan is "Reckoning Song (One Day)"

  6. Absolutely WOW!! Can you take me on one of your fabulous adventures? HaHaHa JK It's so dreamy! Love the places to sit and beach.

  7. What a beautiful place! The first photo is stunning and the water so clear. I like the way the beach is curved, sheltered and surrounded by greenery too. The food too looks so tasty - perfect summer beach food and lovely views. Great photos!.

  8. I adore your pictures, really make me want to drive to the airport right now and get to the beach!

    Much love xxx