If you live in Vienna, probably you have heard about the famous Film Festival. The open-air cinema this year took place in August.

We were advised to go there if we wanted to try different national dishes... And there was a great variety indeed - from local delicacies through Caribbean, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Persian to Portuguese food! 

We had a refreshing wine spritzer. It was fantastic! 

My choice was "Chicken Tikka Masala". I can't believe I have never had Indian food in my life before! I just loved it!  

It was such a great experience! Have you ever tried Indian food? Did you like it? Have a nice start of the week!

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  1. Oh, love to try different kind of cuisine as well, you did so well to try Indian food, its one of my fav as well! Very savory and tasty, plus it has many good dishes even for vegetarians as me :) The photos are marvelous! Happy Monday Stanislava! xo

  2. Great to hear that you enjoyed yourself. Indian food is delicious, we used to grab a curry once a week.Have a wonderful week Stanislava!
    The African Elephant

  3. i've never had indian food! i love the idea of cultural festivals, though, that allow you to try different cuisines.

  4. To tell the truth, I had never tried Indian food, but I would love to:) Actually, I love trying out different cuisines, who doesn't?! Good for you to be there:) I must say all those photographs turned out so great, the city view are absolutely wonderful and architecture is splendid! Thanks for sharing, Stanislava!
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  5. I've heard of that film festival! Gorgeous architecture and delicious food!

  6. Amazing pics!! Hope you had fun!! kisses!


  7. Wonderful pictures, and the food looks delicious! :D

    I have a new outfit post up, let me know what you think! :)



  8. I'm opitvall Indian food

  9. As you know, I absolutely love Indian food. I am glad to read that you tried it and love it too!

  10. You know what I love? Good eats. You know what I love more? VARIETY! Caribbean to Persian? What a selection! I really love Indian cuisine. My only problem is I eat it about once per year! I have to be in a curry mood! Wonderful post.

    xoxx, Monica
    F&ML: Fashion And My Life


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