Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is the Southern in Ionian sea and one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. You can reach it by a ferry boat from Kyllini port. The island covers an area of 410 km2 and if you want to make a tour round the island you will have to borrow a car or a scouter.  The first beach that I'll show you is called Porto Zoro. It's close to the place Agassi where we stayed. The beach is small, but you'll find crystal clear water and a beautiful sight there.

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The second beach is called Gerakas and to many is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. It is home to the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta-Caretta. That's why the beach is divided into two areas - one where they lay their eggs, and one for tourists.

We didn't want to bother the turtles so next stop is called Banana beach. One of my favourite! Things that really impressed me were the fine sand, serene sea, smell of flowers and a very nice chill bar with a panoramic view over the beach.

St. Nicholas is a small beach which is preferred mostly by youngsters. Clear water, lounges and parasols, cold drinks at the bar and water sports attract the tourists here.

My next post will be dedicated to the well-known Blue Caves and the beautiful Navagio beach. Places I will never forget! And because it is summer, and it is hot, and because we all feel like being close to the sea, this will be my future post topic for a very long time.