Grandpa Dobri

Hi guys! I know many of you won't be interested in this post but anyway, this video brought me to tears so it deserves a special place here. The man from the video is called Dobri Dobrev, better known as Grandpa Dobri. The 96 years old man lives in a small village next to Sofia and every day he travels the way from his home to our capital and back... to collect money for monasteries. The poor old man is the largest donator for the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral . The most surprising thing is that he has given all the collected money away and kept nothing for himself. His faith in God is endless and to many this man is a Saint! Enough from me, the video says it all...

Grandpa Dobri by Nasimo @ Urban Creatures on the wall of a block of flats in Sofia (source)

I truly believe that there are still good people left on this Planet! God bless 'Diado' Dobri!
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