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Чети на български

I marked this spring with something very cool and new for me – rafting in the second largest canyon in the world. The Tara river is situated in a picturesque Balkan area in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was kindly invited to stay at Rafting centre Drina Tara for 3 nights with my fellow bloggers and to try white water rafting for the first time.

After 12 hours of driving, we arrived at the centre. We were accommodated in a 4-bed bungalow, but there were also 3-bed and 2-bed bungalows. The camping centre was situated right next to the Drina river.

Rafting centre Drina Tara | Рафтинг център Дрина Тара

Our toilets and bathrooms were outdoor but there was always warm water and it was fine for me. Breakfasts, dinners and suppers were served in the restaurant right next to the river. As you can see, this area is very green and waking up to this beautiful view was something I needed so bad.

On the first morning, we had homemade doughnuts, homemade ham, omelette, coffee and tea for breakfast. 

After that, we received our rafting equipment and we headed towards Brestanovica in Montenegro, where the rafting began.

We had a quick training where we were told to keep our foot tucked under the rope in the boat. This way we would avoid falling into the river. I won’t lie, I was very interrupted at the beginning but after a few minutes, I was already having lots of fun.

Our experienced captain – a young Serbian called Djordje, was telling us what to do and how to row. We listened to his orders and everything went according to plan. We stopped at a very beautiful waterfall and even went under its splashes.

Going through the Tara river, we passed by Montenegro on the left side and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the right side. The Tara river is a natural border between the two countries. With the unrealistic turquoise colours, it makes the whole area a captivating place. Some of us even jumped in its waters but I didn’t bare to do it.

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The Tara river is 144km long and it's famous for its perfect white rafting conditions. As I already mentioned, its waters were so clear that we even drank directly from it.

Our race was 25km long and we stopped for a rest in the middle of it. We took some photos of the waterfall and then we continued our sailing.

Lunch is served | Топъл и вкусен обяд след около 3 часа рафтинг

The final part was very calm and relaxed. We arrived at the rafting centre where we took a warm shower and had lunch.

On the second day, we could choose between a jeep safari, rafting and a visit to Sarajevo, the capital of BiH. We wanted to try something different, so we opted for the safari. Unfortunately, we had no luck with the weather that day. It was rainy and gloomy.

We visited the Prijevor mountain and the Sutjeska National park. We had a 3km long hike where we were supposed to see some beautiful sights. And they indeed were.

If you decide to go on this jeep safari, I would advise checking the weather conditions and the planned route in advance.

We came back to the rafting camp wringing wet so our options were either to be annoyed all night long or to get drunk with red wine. Of course, we chose the second. The best thing about this place was that we met some interesting people from all over the world.

On the 3rd day, we left the centre. The highlight of this trip for me was the rafting of course. It was a wonderful experience and now I am eager to do it again soon.

If you are about to go on a rafting trip in the Tara canyon, I strongly recommend the following:
- Pack warm clothes as it gets quite chilly in the evenings.
- Ask about the rafting and jeep safari plans in advance.
- Bring a raincoat. You may not use it but it’s always a wise decision as it could be very useful.
- Don’t worry if it's your first time rafting. At rafting centre Drina Tara almost 99% of the people were new to it and we all enjoyed it a lot.

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  1. Хареса ми оптимизма ти за опознаване на нещо ново - рафтинга с неговите особенности . Прекрасни снимки и коментари.

  2. Hello Stanislava
    Wonderful post with beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing .Amazing landscape!

  3. Looks like great fun! Would have been interesting to see the inside of the little huts. And the views from the jeep safari are so beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Anouk. It was great fun indeed.

  4. First of all, welcome back, I have missed your posts! And wow, looks like it was an amazing experience, Many and I love the triangle shaped accommodations!

  5. Здравей Sany!

    I can imagine how a bit scary, but also so much fun rafting can be especially when you're with all your friends. It's so green and beautiful. The perfect escape from the online world.
    I'm glad you had a wonderful time. These nature photos are stunning.

    Приятен ден и много поздрави на България ❤

    1. Здравей, Ради!

      You are so right. This trip was so much fun thanks to the lovely people that were there with me. Thank you for your kind words!

      Мерси, имаш поздрави и ти! :)

  6. How cool S. I've always wanted to try this but scared we'll flip and I'll get stuck and drown!


    1. I was scared of this too, but everything went just fine. You just need to keep your feet stuck under the rope ;)

  7. You really go all out when it comes to doing something new don't you Sany ;p Rafting on the Tara river sure looks exciting and fun and wow that turquoise water sure looks gorgeous but I can see why you wouldn't want to choose to jump in. I wouldn't be tempted either. What a fun adventure! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I've missed you dear friend. Thanks for your kind words.

    1. Haha, I'm trying, Rowena :) The turquoise water was something I couldn't believe my eyes... Thanks for your lovely comment!

  8. Hi Sany! I have never tried rafting, so looking at your photos and reading your opinion and expressions after your "first time" were really interesting for me. It sounds like you had great time there, what's more - the place couldn't be better - Tara river is really picturesque Balkan area and the water is so pure and turqoise! :)

  9. Oh, Tara river and surroundings are breathtaking! I've never did the rafting thing but who knows, maybe one day. I did visit the area though but when I was a child. It would be perfect to go there again and maybe I will soon ;) You did a great job, it's very infomative and I enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to your future trips :)