5 reasons to visit the wonderful Plovdiv


1. Beautiful architecture - the colourful buildings in Secession style turn the main street of Plovdiv into an open city gallery, while the Old Town is a historic preservation site known for its Bulgarian Renaissance architectural style. A good reason to take hundred of photos while wandering around. 

Чети на български

2. Street art - Plovdiv is full of street art which is evident at every corner. Whether the hidden backyards or Kapana District, you'll find that even the hills are painted with the portraits of the Bulgarian national heroes.

3. Ancient history - Plovdiv as a part of the Roman empire, most of the ruins remain and are everywhere around you.

4. The garden of Tzar Simeon - dates back since 1892 and it is a little heaven in the heart of the city. The lined trees park is perfect for walking, picnics and relaxing even in the winter months.

5. Alfredo Ice cream House - the place to eat desserts and sweets with ice cream, waffles. real Belgian chocolate, gelato pancakes, etc. in a cosy atmosphere.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your reasons to visit Plovdiv. I am a huge fan of architecture. I also love street art, one of the benefits living in the city. x

  2. Hi Sany! Those are definitely good reasons to visit it indeed, Im so enchanting and impressed by the architecture there, truly outstanding. The garden of Tzar Simeon seems the ideal place for me, very peaceful and relaxing. Yum the ice cream, havent one from ages!:) Kisses Sany, have a nice evening! xo

  3. You would make a really wonderful tourism ambassador for Plovdiv Sany! It certainly sounds like a city rich in history with a great modern energy as well. I would love to just walk around and spot all the street art :)

  4. It looks like the kind of city that's I would enjoy very much! I have put Sofia on my travel list for 2017. I guess that I'd have to add Plovdiv to the same trip!

  5. I'm sold with the ice cream alone. :)

  6. Plovdiv definitely has everything I like when traveling. I just love those places that have a mix of many different things and influences and yet they're very unique. Another wonderful post that I enjoyed a lot :)

  7. Que lugar mais lindo! Adorei ♥



  8. Hello dear friend :) I really like your tips and reasons to visit Plovdiv, personally I'd like to visit this city because of ancient history (me and my man love such a things:D), colorful buildings (because btw,Secession style is one of my favourite one) and this park (because who of us don't like green areas?). Thank you, Sany that from now, I'm aware of the fact this city exists (I haven't heard about it before your posts!) :) Hope you had great day, my friend:)


  9. You did very good on this post. The place seems amazing, love the beautiful picture shots.


  10. I always have many reasons to visit Plovdiv. Kapana is one of out favourite new spots in the town - full of craft beer and chilled hipster vibes :)


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