Bucharest - Day 1

Here comes the Bucharest series of posts. We arrived at noon the first day, checked in and went out to go sightseeing. 

Чети на български

We explored some of the Old town...

The weather was extremely cold. After an hour walking, we sat at "The Barrel" to warm up and have some food. 

We ordered traditional Romanian beer - "Ciuc". I had a chicken fillet with rice and mushrooms and it was perfect! In general, I have to say that I really liked the Romanian cuisine. It's very similar to Bulgarian. 

Wanna ride?

With night approaching, the city centre looked different...

Beautiful Christmas decoration lighted up the streets...

As we were reaching Piata Unirii, my boyfriend said: "It looks like Paris indeed"...

I can't say whether it's true, or not, as I have never been to Paris. The huge boulevards were enchanting, but staying more than an hour and a half outside was a mighty challenge...

So we went for some drinks at Freddo - another bar at the Old town...

One of the first impressions I had was that smoking was allowed in every bar and restaurant. Also, we spotted quite a number of lounge bars in the Old town. At the end of the day we were exhausted by the 5 hours driving and the cold, but I managed to make a list of my favourite Romanian beers and I'm going to share it with you soon! :)

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  1. Ухаа, много сте готини :) Радвам се на хубави хора, които обичат да пътуват. Аз обожавам да пътувам, но като чели предпочитам да е топличко. Не съм била в Букурещ и като гледам си заслужава да се посети, много красиви снимки. За съжаление нещо съм пропуснала миналия пост с анкетата ...

    1. Много ти благодаря, Цвети!

  2. So pretty, especially with all the snow! As usual, your food pictures are making me drool ;)

  3. looks like a modern city,completely different from what I remember it 20 yrs ago

  4. Hi Sany! I was waiting to see all the photos from your Bucharest trip! And you know, while I was browsing them, I thought the same thing of your bf, is really very similar to Paris, or at least it reminds me a lot! Must have been so cold outside, there is a lot of snow and I see all the layers you have on, I would have been frozen for sure! Looking so happy and lovely, I had no doubt you listed your fav beer lol!:P Gorgeous photos, at least I traveled a bit this morning!:) Happy Monday, baci! xo

  5. Wow these pictures are just stunning!! :)

    Would you like to follow eachother other on twitter? We are: twitter.com/floralssmiles

  6. Despite looking freezing cold, it actually is very beautiful. You've captured great shots of the architecture!
    I like the English pub as well :))

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  7. Wow beautiful photos and post!!! Happy New Year!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  8. Snow. Lots of snow. Nice buildings and decoration, and most importantly - the people in the photos. It's great that you tried to catch the atmosphere of the city. Kisses.

  9. Прекрасни снимки на красиви хора! За вас може да е било изпитание да се розхождате по студа, но за мен гледката и снимките са адски красиви, обичам кадрите със сняг. А и сигурна съм, че след студа е било прекрасно да се стопляте в кафенетата и по баровете с алкохолче :) Пък Букурещ е бил много красив отколкото си го представях. Сега съжалявам, че съм отказала малките екскурзии до там по време на стдудентския си живот в гр. Русе..

    1. Еее, трябвало е да отидеш поне веднъж. Досега не съм ходила, точно защото е малко по-далеч от София, но от Русе е на една ръка разстояние. Благодаря ти много, Сезен!

  10. Great to revisit Bucharest through your lens! Some spots look vaguely familiar; also interesting to know now what it looks like in winter. I can imagine that it must have been sooo cold! Looking forward to more photos of this trip.

  11. How lovely that you got to spend some time in Bucharest over the holidays Stanislava! The snow covered streets and buildings look chilly but very pretty in your photos and you look so cute and happy in your poses. I'm glad you had fun even if it was a little tiring. I think I would hate that smoking is allowed at so many places as the smell always gets to me. Have a wonderful week my dear!

  12. i love seeing white wintry photos since we don't see that here where i live! beautiful!

  13. awesome photos, it looks amazing!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  14. Look at the snow! WOW! The architecture of the buildings there are absolutely gorgeous! Love your coat Stanislava! Thank you for sharing these. I really enjoyed looking at each one. Absolutely spectacular.

  15. How snowy Bucharest was :) This city looks amazing, I have to visit it someday. And this food looks delicious too, when I first saw this photo I thought that you ate salomon, but next I read that it was chicken ;P And what's the most important - I see that you spent amazing time there :) Have an amazing day, Stanislava :)


  16. So pretty!

    Christina S.


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