15 Reasons to Have an Aloe Vera Plant at Home

My mother received an Aloe vera plant as a gift for her name day and I was really curious to "google" it and to find out some info about it. Aloe barbadensis, mostly known as Aloe vera is a tropical plant and many people recognize it as a cactus. However, an interesting fact is that it belongs to the lily family. Its medical and beauty benefits have been popular ever since ancient times. You can grow your plant at home. The home plant needs bright light.During the winter watering should be minimal, while during the summer months it needs frequent watering. It's important to leave the soil to dry completely before that. Here's just a part of all its benefits below:

  • improves skin elasticity 
  • stimulates skin cell regeneration 
  • it has an anti depressive effect
  • it's a remedy for Acne
  • helps gums and mouth cavity

  • it has a calming effect on muscle cramps 
  • assists the process of building healthy skin, hair, teeth
  • it has a pain-relieving effect
  • hydrates all skin layers
  • improves air quality

  • helps in detoxification 
  • fortifies nails and hair
  • eliminates dandruff
  • supports the immune system
  • aids in weight loss
    The aloe is rich in medicinal properties and its way through history is really long. Moreover, it looks nice and is easy to grow at home. I hope that you found this info useful and interesting. Have you ever had an Aloe vera plant at home? Would you get one? Have a nice day! 

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    1. Hi Stanislava! Yep, I know all the great benefits aloe has and in fact, Im using it often, though in products that contains it. I never had a plant but Id like too, how do you use it then? I know people use the gel straight from the branches (called so?!) once broken them they release the gel. I recently discovered to use it also as conditioner, its very good for hair!:) Kisses! xo

    2. Aloe was a big deal. Thanks for the clarifications. Pleasant week.

    3. Fascinating post! Thanks so much for sharing.

    4. Oh wow the benefits list of this plant is super long! it is good for almost everything! No, the answer is no, I have not had an Aloe plant at home but I have to admit I see it in the ingredients list of every skin product I own! so wait, question, how do you use it if you are growing at home? you just cut it and apply it on your face? haha Love the shoe base! are you going to get one like your moms? I'm thinking in getting one!


    5. What an informative post. It's an attractive plant and I know that many products I use contain aloe vera. Reading your list I can see that it has even more benefits than I knew about.

    6. So to understand correctly, all these great benefits are given just by having the plant in your home? If so, then I want to get one too.

    7. I buy products with aloe, but I NEED to get a plant after seeing all of these benefits. HAHAHA Thanks!

    8. Wonderful uses! Thanks for sharing!

    9. Beautiful post and plants!

      Wait you on my blog:
      New post:

    10. I LOVE Aloe Vera, it's such a wonderful plant and there's so many uses for it! :)

      Layla xx



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