Back to Athens

Yassas, dear friends! I'm back!. We left Sofia on Tuesday night and arrived in the early morning on Wednesday. It was my 4th time there but I can always come back as it is one of my favorite places. That was the view from our balcony that morning...

Чети на български

The sky changed in just a few minutes as the sun was rising...

We slept till late afternoon and went to the nearest park in our neighborhood (Psychiko) to wait for one of M.'s friends to come.

New Yorker

Long time no see...

Later on, we moved on to another neighborhood called Panormou for some food and drinks...

When in Greece I love eating tzatziki. 

And meat...

The night was the 1st of our stay and it felt so good knowing that we are going to spend the next week chilling at the beach or walking around the city, eating a gyro and frozen yogurt - everything that doesn't involve school or work. 

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  1. what a beautiful sky dear :D


  2. food looks delicious!

  3. That sky in the first photo is amazing :)

  4. The first two shots are great! So nice that you got to stay in Athens; it's such a historical place.

  5. Welcome back Stanislava! Im glad you had such a great time in Athens, already want to see more! You know, I never visited Greece, is onto my wishlist as one of the top places to visit, plus I studied classic objects in high school, such anciet greek and latin so I have to visit it!:) Btw, your pics are beautiful, yum I LOVE tzatziki! Im used to buy it also here or do it homemade yum! And u look very pretty, here ur slip-ons, too nice!:) Have a goodnight, many kisses! xo

  6. Hiya dear! Sounds like such a fantastic time. I am in awe of those stunning images of the sky, it looks so surreal! :)

  7. Looks like such a cool place to visit! Athens is definitely on my list of places to see! Loved the beautiful sky view from your balcony! You look so chic! Delicious food!


  8. Fun photos! It looks as though you had a really great time! :)
    *I follow back bloggers on Bloglovin'*


  9. Greece is a country I love for its history, the landscape, the people, the food. Great pics!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  10. welcome back doll! so glad you all had a wonderful time. those olives look amazing. all the food does!


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