On my way back to Sofia I had a 7-hour stay in Berlin which was great as I've never visited Germany before. I had a short and early flight and at 7:30 a.m. I was already walking around the city center. The city is well organized and I didn't get lost till the appointment I had with my friend Iveta who lives and studies there. It was such a pleasure meeting an old friend in a new place where we could talk and walk around. It may sound weird but I really felt the difference between eastern and western Berlin. I'm glad I could see most of the sights of the town - Berlin Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate, Humboldt University, the Reichstag building, Television tower which can be seen from every point of the city, the Holocaust Memorial and parts of the Berlin Wall. I had the impression that the city is everywhere under construction. I am curious to know if you have ever been to Berlin and what are your impressions of the city?

Чети на български

Berlin Berlin Reviewed by Stanislava E. on November 28, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. Looking forward to visit club Tresor,the Mecca of techno muzik:)Berlin looks promissing:)

  2. I love Berlin. Such a beautiful city.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. I've only been once for a weekend and I loved it! It's the most fascinating city in Germany. Hope to go back in the next two years!

  4. Amazing photos, I'd love to visit Berline someday... :)

  5. Beautiful pics!

  6. Berlin ne e sustiq kakto prez 1971 godina . Snimkite pokazvat germancite i golqmata razlika s drugite stolici . Blagodarq ti .

  7. skuchayu po Berlinu!

  8. Берлин е един от най-запленяващите градове. Аз бях там за 3 дни, успях да видя доста неща, дори ходих до Потсдам. Град, пълен с живот, много по-цветен от Хамбург и другите в Западна Германия, въпреки че не е толкова чист или развит.

    Пълен с история, пълен с ресторанти, където можеш да хапнеш за 10 евро и все такива прекрасни неща :)

    И аз трябва да напиша статийка за него, аз бях 2012 през лятото :)

    1. Май доста го харесваш :) И на мен ми хареса и бих се върнала отново при първа възможност.


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