Milan Day 1

Buon Giorno! :)

I had the pleasure to visit Milan with my mother for 3 days, where we tasted the most delicious cappuccino, we ate pizza and we visited a lot of places. :)

After we arrived at Bergamo airport we took a bus to Milan. The bus from Bergamo stops at Milan Centrale (the central station). 

After we arrived in the city we went to our hotel which was about 30min by tram from Duomo cathedral. Tram number that we took was 14 and goes through street Via le Certosa and the tram stops right in front of the hotel. 

The hotel is very nice and the staff as well. Rooms are clean and warm.

The city:
After that, we went downtown.

It is very big and the entrance is free. The only reason for not letting you inside would be if you're wearing shorts or skirt. So if you plan to visit it wear appropriate clothes!

Right beside the cathedral, there was a big Christmas bazar.

Sforza Castle:
We had to go there and see it! It was built in 14 century. Right in front of the castle was another Christmas bazar. Christmas bazaars everywhere :D 

The Last Supper: After we visited the castle we went on searching for Piazza Santa Maria Delle Gracie where we had a reservation at 18o'clock for the Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper exhibition. We got lost until we found it, it was snowing and cold, but it was worth seeing it! Seriously, if you visit Milan don't miss to go there and see this amazing masterpiece! You can go only if you have a reservation in advance. Tickets are at affordable prices and you can buy a ticket online HERE.

 Piazza Santa Maria Delle Gracie
To be continued.... Ciao! :)

Milan Day 1 Milan Day 1 Reviewed by Stanislava E. on December 11, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Great photos! Явно сте изкарали супер! Разказа ти е страхотен!

  2. It looks great and like a nice trip. HAve a nice day.

  3. Great photos of Milan! A city I like very much because a good friend of mine lives there. Looks like you had a wonderful time...

  4. you definitely have to visit the little shops in Brera (MM Lanza) and the markets on saturday and sunday in Navigli! :) have a great staying here in Milan!


  5. Woaaah! beautiful places.
    I also wanna go there :D


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