Sunrise over Athens

Mount Lykavittos 
This overcrowded place is a part of the Monastiraki neighbourhood. Here you can find anything you want
 The Hellenic Parliament
There were orange trees all over our neighbourhood
 The Panathinaiko stadium
The temple of Zeus
During our stay in Greece we ate a lot of Gyros sandwiches. They are delicious, but we ate Gyros every day so I'm already fed up

A view of Athens by night from our house
A beautiful view from the temple of PoseidonSounion
This is not a gyros, it is a gyros in a plate, called Merida :D
We couldn't miss to have a gyros in the early morning
This beach is one of the most beautiful I've ever been to, but the water was very cold
Cheers :-)
I finally went to the Acropolis
Bye, bye, Athens! See ya again!
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  1. super shushkaaaa, mnogo qki snimki :*:*:*

    Kateto :)

  2. Stani zdravej ! Blagodarq 4e poseti moyat blog . Be6e mi priqtno da razgledam tovyat . Strahotni snimki ot Greece . As byah v Athens za nova godina , no s tova slunce keoto si ucelila isglezhda suvsem razli4no !

  3. Съни бе, много са ви яки снимките! Ей преди малко седнах да разцъкам блога и направо - много як, много позитивен и интересен ! :* :)))))

    1. Благодаря, Miami! Радвам се, че ти харесва! :* :)))

  4. As I can see you visit all the main place in Athens and Attica in general!
    How did you like Porto Germenos beach?

    1. It was one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to. As I mentioned, the water was pretty cold, but it was clear and blue. I really loved it!:)


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